Retyping of a paper on Polydetrital Urasite and the Buerger Factor, by Dr. Ray Pepinsky, in the 1940s:

This site is not set up yet. I hope it will be an asset for those of us in the Clements family (both immediate and distant).

The site is run by Bob Clements, an official very-old-timer in the internet game. I worked on the early ARPANET protocol implementations under the TENEX operating system at BBN in Cambridge, MA, USA, starting in 1972.

While this website is pretty minimal, there are a number of people, mostly relatives, using the domain for email purposes, and hence the domain is not for sale.

I have added a brief life history at It mentions my work at MIT, DEC and BBN, on things like the PDP-10, TOPS-10, TENEX, the BBN ARPANET hardware and software, the BBN Internet development, the BBNACI multiprocessor development, and some other stuff.

There are other "clements"-related sites in the world. Here are some links. If you run a "clements"-ish site, and would like it added to this list, please let me know. I've learned of these mainly by misdirected email, and have had pleasant chats with some of the site owners. is an insurance company based in Washington DC, serving (I think) primarily US Government employees and contractors. I have nothing to do with them. is held by a domain-squatter. The less said about such, er, entities, the better. Nothing to do with me. is a family-oriented site in England. My earliest "Clements" ancestor came to the US from England in the early 1800's, but I haven't found a direct link to Steve at this site. is a church in Alabama. I have nothing to do with them, either.

Until this site is fleshed out, take a look at, which is just a bit (but not much) more complete.

Best wishes from Bob Clements, K1BC. NIC-IDENT RCC (with no digits).
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